15 Of The Biggest Graphic Design Trends For 2022

Exploring the new dimensions will be made explicitly by letting the 2D and 3D worlds merge, complementing each other greatly. Three-dimensional wall art pieces can add a unique and unexpected design pop. I am guessing everyone on your team has a camera phone in their pocket. Snap a few photos of your product, office or some fun pictures of your logo and use those instead. In 2017, bold typography will also fight against the ever-dwindling attention spans of readers, and the saturation of content. Now, in 2017, there will be a shift away from neutral colors like whites, grays and black, to bolder and brighter colors.

graphic design trends 2022

We suggest using a combination of bright colors and muted tones. Visually, the bold colors, contrasted with the lighter text, make the images pop on a social feed. But once you start reading the content, that’s when you see that LinkedIn is having a bit of fun. With hosts ofbad infographicsbeing shared online and on news channels, there was a call for simplified data visualizations.

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A hundred years ago, the Dada and Surrealist movements waged war against a world of sensible aesthetics. However, today’s anti-design trend is more closely related to Brutalism. You’ll notice this trend in movies and TV shows likeLokiand theSquid Game, which have incorporated typography in their poster design. The workforce, including creatives, is yearning for purpose andmeaning at work. At the same time, after all the isolation, people are starting to realize that staying connected matters more than anything.

  • “It opens up opportunities to collaborate with talent you could only dream of—clients you’ve always wanted to connect with,” he says enthusiastically.
  • In fact, minimalism and simple graphics are probably going to be very popular as brands try to stretch their budgets.
  • It’s subtle enough to draw the eye without overwhelming the reader.
  • “It celebrates the character of the typography with wonderful flowing forms whilst providing a contemporary twist through vivid colours and sharp contrasting shapes.”
  • I think that’s an important thing to remember when working on abstract graphics like this.
  • But following the maximalist collage trend, we are also including photographic elements such as images of real plants or dappled sunlight textures and vivid colors.
  • I’m sure every social media manager will recognize these feelings.

Creating simple charts and graphs that shared a story was the best way to keep audiences engaged and informed. By being more representative, brands can reach audiences that they hadn’t catered to before. We’re seeing more images and icons that reflect more races, genders, and body types.

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This next design trend is all about rejecting simplicity and embracing excess. Drawing a lot from Antidesign, maximalism over-saturates the senses with bold color combinations, contrasting patterns, layered images and repeated motifs. Over the next year, we expect maximalism to further dial up the quirkiness and color factor. Collage is definitely a design trend you will see a lot this year. Already popular for many years, the retro inspired collages that popped up everywhere years ago isn’t necessarily the style that’s used today.

But most of the graphic design trends I predicted last year have become mainstream. With brands like Apple, Google and other tech giants embracing bold and unique designs trends. Databox is another brand that has embraced a few of the graphic design trends of 2022.

graphic design trends 2022

Nowadays, many designers use it in a much fresher style than it used to be which makes it much more accessible for the wider audience. So let’s dive in and see how 2022 will look like, if you’d ask us. In this video Philipp VanDusen puts together his own list of graphic design trends for 2022 as summarized below. This graphic design trends 2022 article has been contributed by Venngage.

Still, projects like these are deprived of a specific unexpected wow effect compared to the clash of brands. It seems that the true spirit of minimalism–pared down, functional design elements–has been lost and, instead, replaced with boring black and white color schemes. I suspect this was done to make up for the lack of processing power and screen size on mobile devices.

Logo Trends In 2022

Just be sure that they don’t dominate the graphic, and instead are used in a supporting role to other elements. But it also won’t stand out if you need to place a poster on a blank office wall, which is where the black color scheme saves the day. But since we don’t know what the future holds, there’s no right way to do it! So get out there and create something that looks like it was ripped straight out of your favorite science fiction movie.

graphic design trends 2022

3D characters like these – that are at once nostalgic and fresh – help to distinguish a brand from its competitors. And they show users that your brand actually has a fun personality to it. Flat design has had its moment, but, as we enter 2022, we’re seeing more and more 3D illustrations and animations pop up online. Memes offer a shorthand and simple way to express your brand’s sense of humor and individuality, which is often quite difficult to capture through digital marketing. Doodles are more than just random shapes that you doodle when your mind wanders during a zoom presentation.

As the popularity of these apps increases, it is likely the style they create will as well. The rise in DIY aesthetic is also related to the popularity of programs like Adobe Fresco and Procreate. Because of this, the next 2-3 years will likely see a rise in DIY-style art, with collage, torn-paper, twine accents, wood grain, painterly brushstrokes, and references to fine art. VPN provider ExpressVPN’s new logo as of January 2021 compared with the old logo, from the design review website, Brand New. Dating website Match.com’s new logo as of February 2021 compared with the old logo, from a design review website, Brand New. Serif fonts have more character, partly because they have a much longer history.

The characters can be created as 2D designs, holographic designs, candy color designs, or anything we’re talking about in this article. We can all enjoy the 3D character trend, as shown in the following examples. They are useful for breaking up solid colors and adding visual interest to a background. But in 2022 designers are bringing statement patterns to the forefront through parametric geometry.

Graphic Design Trends 2022

Flat design is all about leaving things out and keeping it simple or as they say, flat. It’s not solely about keeping it as simple as possible anymore as flat illustrations nowadays contain a bit more detail than they used to. When done right, the reach that the brand gets will be sky-high when looking at some popular examples from last year. The Fortnite X Balenciaga billboard https://globalcloudteam.com/ at Times Square for example is one you’ve probably spotted on social media. After many years of clean vector visuals, brands tend to bring back more character and some human feel to their brand. Visuals don’t have to be pixel perfect anymore as businesses want to get closer again to their customers and be more approachable now they feel they became another brick in the wall.

graphic design trends 2022

This type of graphic design usually relies on simplicity, order, and clean lines. Distinguished brands have utilized minimalism in the past in order to convey Web Design Trends a feeling of simplicity and sophistication. For example, the designs on the packaging of Barebottle Beer take consumers minds’ beyond the simple drink.

Graphic Design Trends In 2022

These examples may be extremely basic, but they also help people understand the data in seconds. Plus, each of these simple data visualizations work really well with other graphic design trends like muted colors and flat icons. It’s not that sans serif fonts aren’t popular anymore – they’re just a bit overused at the moment. As a result, we’re seeing graphic designers turn to serif fonts and even handwritten scripts for branding visuals.

Plus, colorful icons and illustrations are also a great way to add some fun and whimsy to your designs, which is very necessary considering the current global situation. These types of visuals break the monotony of a photo-focused social media timeline, which makes them a great resource for brands to grab attention. With creative pragmatism, designers and creatives combined the two styles, and that’s how 2D & 3D mashup styles are born.

Even in designs that are meant to be marketed to adults, these candy colors can create a spark and feeling of playfulness in consumers. Brands create visuals with the goal of catching the eye of consumers. But with the average consumer’s attention span being just 8 seconds, a design must communicate the brand’s message quickly. Shutterstock named “surreal faces” as one of the top design trends of 2021, and we expect fantastical and bizarre designs of all kinds to make an impact in the coming years. Custom illustrations and visuals also stand out among the competition. Consumers are more interested in looking at custom art than stock photography.

Graphic Design Trends Constantly Evolve️

The graphic design trends of 2021 were influenced by the events of 2020 and the span of a turbulent year. Following that, people sought serenity in muted color palettes and nature-inspired designs. Those fed up with being cooped up at home found solace in mood-boosting colors, sophisticated typefaces, and playful geometric elements. Some people started to think about the future, and implemented edgy and experimental designs along with complex 3D illustrations. Little additional lines on every character separate serif fonts from sans serif typefaces, and that’s a significant small detail, that ignites serif fonts extravaganza.

Truth be told, 3D design trends are still evolving, establishing themselves more and more as time goes on. The approach offers an abundance of different possibilities for designers. 3D has room for literally everything, from ultra-realistic 3D visuals blurring the line between real-life and digital to imaginative combinations with various 2D elements.

The trend has now shifted to glass and crystal with incredible realism in 3D to bring the graphic design to the next level. 2022 is here and it’s already breaking all the rules for graphic design. For example, think of the branding designs of very well-established companies like Apple, Spotify, or Mastercard.

Don’t hold back any out-of-the-box brainchild — without the rebels like this, there would be no progress whatsoever. It honestly looks like they were able to combine almost all of the graphic design trends we have talked about so far with the minimalist ideals. We’ve got a bold font dominating a few graphics, a gradient peeking through and even a futuristic pattern making an appearance.