Is CashNetUSA a Ripoff? Read 20+ Helpful Reviews 2022

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  • I would recommend to anyone who needs money fast in case emergency.
  • I was told that they had my updated pay day and they would debit $80.00 on August 11, 2016 which they did.
  • Some states allow for payment plan extensions, while others do not.
  • Some CashNetUSA coupon codes do have an expiration date, which will be printed on the physical CashNetUSA coupon or included on the digital CashNetUSA coupon you’re using.
  • You must look at their state guide to see what services are offered in your home state.
  • If you need a loan that bad, go somewhere else!!!!!
  • I received excellent customer service.

Oh but guess what we will just deny you now and keep your updated bank info. Please, new customer do not take their service. They keep increasing outstanding balance in every 8 hours. I’ve never seen a online robber like them. I took line of credit $800 and end up paying $1540 in less than 20 days. There are other lenders out there, try for them. I don;t know if David B works for CashNet YSA or not but I had good hopes of getting a loan. He was going to give me a $10,000 loan with $733 payments each month for 15 months which was great.

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Money was in my account right away was very to apply. I have no complaints of this company CashNetUSA. I would highly recommend Cash Net USA loan company to my friend and family. If you get an installment loan , payments are monthly or bi-monthly. Payments on lines of credit are made according to the frequency of your paychecks. CashNetUSA’s lending services are available in 29 states and it provides detailed information about loan limits, interest rates, repayment, and other funding policies for each state. CashNetUSA is an online payday loan lender with services available in 29 states across the United States. It beats going into a storefront to do a payday loan. I’m glad I see the commercial on TV.

  • Always friendly and understanding!!
  • Loan repayment is not reported to the big three credit bureaus.
  • I will continue to use your services in the future and recommend to all my acquaintances should they need extra money.
  • Once I applied for a loan, the steps were easy and quick.
  • I cry every time I think about it.
  • Rate was lower than expected with an easy payoff.
  • CashNetUSA is an online payday loan lender with services available in 29 states across the United States.

Check CashNetUSA app for additional free standard shipping offers on any purchase, however you may experience issues with the offer while in CashNetUSA store. I went on to give CashNetUSA the name of my new bank, nothing else has changed, just the name of bank and I found out my bill was due the 17th. That freaked me out because I did not know. She helped me change the date which I am very grateful, because I don’t want to get behind in my payments. Thanks to you all for being so nice and understanding. I got money the next day like they said.

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I was struggling and didn’t know what to do. Now I can pay my bills and stay on top of things. I would have to say that my experience with CashNetUSA was a great experience and the process was quick and simple. I would recommend CashNetUSA to everybody. This is the only place that I would go to for a flex loan. Not having any problems with this company since I started using it. I’m giving it an A plus for service from online to phone and tech support. Everything is always explained in detail and any problems resolved, which have only been state guidelines with me that I was unaware of. On the other hand, if you want to update your banking account info with CashNet USA you will need to send one of the following. However, when sending an email ensure the email is connected to your account and include your loan ID or customer ID.
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Since then I have made three payments of over $250 and my balance is still $108. No money has gone to paying down the $1000. I will NEVER do business with CashnetUSA again as soon as I pay this money off. I am literally in tears about this. During this time people’s finances are strained, you don’t care. I wish I had never done business with you at all. I have been with Cashnet since 2009, yet you make no allowances.

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Excellent customer service at all time, willing to go above and beyond. All the representatives speaks clearly and always polite. The wait time for a call back can be a little bit long, if you call around a certain time of the day, after 5 pm. It is really busy during that time. I would recommend to anyone who needs money fast in case emergency. The process was so short and I would do it all over again if needed. I really appreciate this and I will be telling everyone in need about you guys. Always awesome customer service… I thank you for all you do to help people in a crunch. Your service is what sets you aside from every other company.
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I googled the number they are calling from and it is an unknown phone #. I will be filing a report on this company. You have always been fair and are always ready to answer any questions I may have. And you are safe to do business with. Some of the other companies are scam artists and your employees are quick to advise this as a lot of us are caught unsuspecting and end up getting ripped off.

It’s hard to get, anything done on the weekend, But it worked out great. My experience with your firm is excellent. You handle my situation with the utmost respect. It was also handled in a timeless and speedy manner. You all were really courteous and extremely welcome in a time of hardship for me. I would like for each one of you to give CashNet a call in a time of need. Quick, simple questions to answer, was able to fill out needed information. All my questions were answered, with the call back number I was told my answer was in my email, which is at work not at home, but was able to find out the final word of my request. To qualify, you must have e a good credit score , must be 18 years of age or older, must be a legal resident of the United States, and have a steady source of income. Hence, CashNet holds the right to end or change this promotional offer at any time for any reason.

Sometimes people need some extra time to get more money into their account and the extension helps. Your help is greatly appreciated. I applied for the payday loan and the next day received my cash. It was convenient and super easy. There was no hassle and I had a little extra money to pay bills with and get ahead of the game for the month. Don was very helpful in getting my request for a payment plan handled and working with my start date! I have always had good customer service, but lately can’t get through the phone line. Thankfully the online chat was available. Very professional in talking with the representatives.

We borrowed money when we were in a tight spot but paid them back what we owed plus the crazy interest, they said we were done with our loan. Fast forward a month later and now they are taking money from our account again.. First it was the weekly amount that we had owed before and now it’s hundreds of dollars to be exact! We are furious and cannot get ahold of anyone. We have blocked them from making transactions through our account and the bank is refunding the money. The next step will be contacting a lawyer. CashNetUSA only offers online loans; hence, you have to apply online.
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Your easy payment plan makes it very affordable for me to do. Also, applications approved at other times are mostly paid on the next business day. Was approved for small loan, when reviewing the bank info for my fund transfer I noticed the account number was wrong. After calling to have it fixed I was told the application will be withdrawn and I would need to go through the process again.
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All user reviews submitted to Best Company are subject to screening and approval. CashNetUSA does offer active military members and veterans, as well as their immediate family members, a special discount in store. Be sure to bring proper identification and be aware that this discount can’t be combined with other percent-off, dollar-off, or age-specific discounts. CashNetUSA allows up to four promo codes on a purchase. During checkout you can apply coupons but may be limited on the number of promo codes accepted on mobile depending on your mobile device.
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I went back online and change my username and my password. My bank put a freeze on that existing account and set me up a new checking www cashnetusa com account. They are also sending me a new debit card. I feel somewhat relieved now but I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.
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Always friendly and understanding!! I would recommend any one to try CashNet!! I’ve called and talk to someone several times and they have always helped me whether it’s for an extension or to make payment arrangements!! Cash America charges 25 percent fees on one- to five-week “payday loans,” usually under $1,000. Pay on time, or they get your paycheck.