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Health Care Reform: A Contrary Opinion

Very few market technicians today know this important history, but those who were around in the 1970s do. Over the past decade, liberal democratic societies have witnessed an illiberal, undemocratic phenomenon that increasingly has permeated public discourse. This refers to intimidation of those holding contrary opinions on political, ideological, social, academic and other weighty topics. The ferocity of mob outrage vented on social media – so-called ‘trolling’ – is a high-profile example, but there are other examples of intolerant ‘wilding’. This article explores the general phenomenon and those perpetrating such aggressive tactics, as well as considering the current trajectory of academic, political, and public debate in a polarized climate, one increasingly dominated by stridently expressed extreme opinions.

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Our data supported the projection hypothesis but also confirmed that partisans on each side of the issue judged news articles to be biased in a disagreeable direction relative to judgments of those on the other side. The perception of relatively disagreeable media bias, in turn, influenced perceptions of public opinion. Results supported the hypothesis that people make inferences about the climate of opinion based on their reading of the news, especially the perceived slant of that news. As a convenience to you, Fair Observer provides buttons that link to popular social media sites, called social sharing buttons, to help you share Fair Observer content and your comments and opinions about it on these social media sites.

Are Stocks the Best Place To Be in the Long Run? A Contrary Opinion

It has degenerated to such an extent that by now this civil standard is regarded by a significant minority as a contemptible relic that must be abandoned. Increasingly, respect for opposing world-views and opinions has been jettisoned in favor of a shrill determination to crush anyone whose ideas challenge one’s own preconceptions. Well before the 21st century, a steady-state tradition had built up in democracies whereby freedom of speech was often passionate, but nevertheless generally respectful, even when opponents evoked vehement disagreement. Such popular periodicals as Private Eye, Le Canard Enchainé and Charlie Hebdo continue the tradition of satirically speaking truth to power, as do many newspapers, while academics continue to expound their theories and opinions in a variety of academic channels, and sometimes in the popular press. While often controversial, vigorous, and even barbed – and whether impartial or partisan, measured or polemical – the essence of this tradition has been the principle of engaging, debating, analyzing, weighing, informing, and coexisting.

contrary opinion

Contrary opinion is also a fairly reliable gauge of how much potential buying power is left to come into the market. When bulls reign, and enthusiasm abounds about the prospect for stocks, the corollary suggests there is no one left to buy stocks and drive prices higher. Conversely, if sceptics rule, there are likely to be many participants sitting on the sidelines with large sums of cash, who can be cajoled back into the market. Investors will hear or read about Wall Street professionals using contrary or contrarian indicators to predict which way asset prices will move.

Just return the book, and as long as we receive it by day 21 in the same condition as when you purchased it, we’ll give you a full refund . Please note, however, if you choose to purchase your rental at the end of your rental period, your purchase will be a final sale. You will not receive a refund if you attempt to return rental that have nordfx review been previously purchased by you. The recovery in the stock market continued on Friday, but the moves were more subdued due to the effects of the bond market being closed during Veteran’s Day. Trump and his GOP allies have been joined in their intolerant statements by a bandwagon of like-minded fringe political commentators and agitators.

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The opinion must be widely held and have considerable influence on a large audience; else the herd instinct does not come into play. But once a large number of people are swayed by the opinion, emotion rules and gradually drowns out rational analysis. The single most important reason why the theory of contrary opinion works in favour of the investor is that it helps in staying aloof from the crowd’s psychology. If we can create mechanisms that help us disregard or distrust our impulses and emotions, then the odds that a rational thought process will prevail improve dramatically.

Yet, a fidgety stock market has continued to climb a wall of worry. One can only hope that a slump is not in the offing when everyone has given up waiting for it! The timing of contrary opinion is most often inexact but the consequences of mean reversion are not. The letter E highlights the two month, 43.2% bear market triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. The SPY reached its low price on March 23rd of $222.95, three days before investor buying of the bearish ETF reached its peak of 32%. As the red graph shows, besides the current peak, there were six large peaks in investor buying of this bearish fund.

Apparently, Dr. Smith was neither invited to attend nor informed that he was, in effect, ‘on trial’. Not only was his offending article canceled but so too was his membership. The thrust of Dr. Smith’s piece was thus to challenge the notion that it is ever acceptable to use or advocate violence as a political policy, strategy or tactic, and cited the well-worn heuristic that ‘violence begets violence’. He was debunking the sophistry that it is morally acceptable for anti-fascists to resort to violent tactics, whether reactive or pre-emptive, against radical-right extremists simply because the latter may have a violent predisposition.

  • Our data supported the projection hypothesis but also confirmed that partisans on each side of the issue judged news articles to be biased in a disagreeable direction relative to judgments of those on the other side.
  • Those with a liberal or centrist abhorrence of fascism would not be welcome since, like Dr. Smith and Prof. Jones, they would no longer be considered anti-fascist enough.
  • Contrary opinion is also a fairly reliable gauge of how much potential buying power is left to come into the market.
  • This refers to intimidation of those holding contrary opinions on political, ideological, social, academic and other weighty topics.
  • So, always ask yourself,’ are all the nuts shaken out of the tree’ in times of extreme sentiment.

Last, but not least, it occasionally pays to be contrary because an incredibly one-sided view leads to mindless ‘unity’. The fear of financial Armageddon in September 2008 was a fine example of how almost everyone is willing to accept an absurd or impossible outcome. The technology boom in the late ’90s provides another outstanding illustration of why it pays to be contrarian.

Items related to Contrary Opinion: Using Sentiment to Chart the Markets

Knowledgeable punters are convinced that the market will race past 20,000 before 2013. The change in sentiment is remarkable, given that nothing seems to have changed on the ground. Rather than getting caught up in the euphoria, this may be the time to hunt for niches where positive fundamentals have taken a whack because of macro concerns being over-played.

When no one is left to sell then it means sellers are exhausted and it is time to take profit. So, always ask yourself,’ are all the nuts shaken out of the tree’ in times of extreme sentiment. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Fair Observer’s editorial policy. Add contrary to popular opinion to one of your lists below, or create a new one. He is one of our more effective politicians, contrary to popular opinion. Has met for 53 consecutive years since, attracting economists, investment professionals, individual investors and other contrary-minded individuals from around the world to exchange perspectives on investment trends, gain new insights and develop friendships.

A contrary indicator is one that tells you it may be a good time to invest in the opposite way from the herd. News Corp is a global, diversified media and information services company focused on creating and distributing authoritative and engaging content and other products and services. Semantic forextrend Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature, based at the Allen Institute for AI. BTC, along with ETH and XRP, is struggling to maintain a bullish outlook. The crypto market is currently hovering around $800 billion, still substantially below the $1 trillion mark.

contrary opinion

This ratio or percent is like the old short selling indicators, where the amount of short selling was divided by the amount of total selling. By definition, trading contrary opinion is a way of trying to catch market turning points. The letter B represents the 20% market decline due to US and European sovereign debt crisis that started in August 2011. The peak in buying of the bear fund occurred on August 24th, which was two weeks after the market collapse on Black Monday.

So, sales numbers alone don’t tell you how much money is going into or out of an ETF; you must combine sales with changes in the number of shares outstanding to determine that. Once this is done, multiplying the number of shares being purchased by the fund’s NAV yields how much money is going into the fund on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with the emergence of index futures and arbitrage short selling in the mid-1980s, these short selling indicators became useless as it became impossible to distinguish arbitrage short selling from short selling because of the expectation of lower prices.

Investor Sentiment and Return Predictability in Agricultural Futures Markets

Looking at daily dollar sales like one does any stock is insufficient, since it doesn’t specify how much is from investor buying. With stocks, sales do represent the amount of buying, since buying and selling amounts are always equal. If there are more buyers than sellers of an ETF, the fund creates more shares for the excess buyers. If there are more sellers than buyers, they retire the excess shares.

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Investor buying near the bottom is sometime ten times greater than during the bull market. This sudden increase at the bottom is just like the old, short selling indicators of the 1960s and 70s. They are based on the “theory of contrary opinion,” the theory that says stock prices reach bottom when most investors are bearish and are expecting further price declines. Once bearish ETFs were established in 2007, we only needed a few bear markets to determine the amount of investor buying that represented extreme bearish sentiment.

These social sharing buttons are provided by and are part of these social media sites. They may collect and use personal data as described in their respective policies. Fair Observer does not receive personal data from your use of these social sharing buttons. It is not necessary that you use these buttons to read Fair Observer content or to share on social media. Politicization and ruthless pursuit of intolerant ideology are replacing civil dialogue, precluding any engagement with or understanding of other world-views.

Unqualified Tax Opinion means an unqualified “will” opinion of a Tax Advisor, which opinion and which Tax Advisor are acceptable to Parent, on which Parent may rely to the effect that a transaction will not affect the Tax-Free Status. Any such opinion must assume that the Contribution and Distribution would have qualified for Tax-Free Status if the transaction in question did not occur. Contrary Opinion A student has the right to take reasoned exception to the data or views offered in the classroom without being penalized. Infotech Enterprises and Persistent Systems are well established companies with a strong competitive position and diverse customer-base in their chosen domain, robust balance sheet and visibly accelerating earnings growth. Each of them has had a few hiccups post 2008 but management has demonstrated its ability to cope with adversity and re-build for the future. Valuations are at a significant discount to their larger peers, and notably, considerably cheaper than companies of a similar size with a positive earnings outlook.

This is the time to go long DIA, SPY and QQQ, or to stay long these funds if one is already invested in them. The PSQ ETF is designed to be short the QQQ, which is the top 100 Nasdaq index, and money moving into that fund shows the same pattern. The DOG ETF is designed to be short the Dow Jones Industrials, and money going into that fund shows surges similar to SH. The current consensus is distinctly tilted towards the re-emergence of a new bull market. Given the finance minister’s emphasis on pushing ahead with economic reform and getting the fiscal deficit under control, market mavens are convinced inflation will turn benign and interest rates will head south. Led by a reinvigorated second term president, the US is unlikely to succumb to the worst perils of the fiscal cliff and both growth and employment are on the mend.

More recently, foreign institutional investors seem to have developed a greater penchant for India vis-à-vis China. While this may well prove ephemeral, it has boosted investor lexatrade confidence about the quantum and timing of future inflows. Understandably, the BSE Sensex is on a tear, having gained almost 4.5 percent in the last five trading sessions.

This too occurred near the end of that bear market and foreshadowed the beginning of a long, four-year bull market. The ProShare family is composed of 135 funds with $56 billion under management. ProShares makes available all the data on their funds daily, and the large size of this family helps give statistical validity to the results. Forty-two ETFs are classified as bear market funds for our purposes. Three, new, indicators based on the amount of buying in bearish ETFs are signaling a strong, “risk on” moment.